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How We Clean Our Cottage

3. Couch protectors, shams, or any other cloth furniture are removed and washed after every booking stay.

2. All light switches, remotes, lamps, game handles, TV's, DVD players, aerosal cans are sprayed with lysol and wiped clean.

For 11 years, as owners of A Garden of Dreams, this room cleaning protocol was put into effect by a former LVN Nurse Gonzalez. We have always strived for cleanliness here at A Garden of Dreams.


The final step before returning the room to available is for 8 hours prior we turn on "Air Fantastic" to purify the air in the cottage or suite.

We have a 24 hour break between bookings to clean the cottage thoroughly:

1. Beds: Queen mattresses are in a plastic zippper mattress covers. When bedding is removed, we use anti bacterial wipes and wipe down top & sides with the wipes, We then place clean mattress pads over the plastic mattress covers.

    a. Bedding: All sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and bedspreads are washed in hot water with oxyclean detergent after every booking stay. We wash the bedspread, after every checkout.


1. Shower walls and floor drains are sprayed with mildew spray, then cleaned with liquid cleanser and wiped down with clean white towels.

2. All porcelain is cleaned with liquid soap, then wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes, then dried with clean white towels.

3. Tile floors are wiped down with anti bacterial wipes, liquid soap, moped with soap and water and dried with clean white towel.

     a. Carpeted floors are vacumned after every guest stay.

4. Shower Mats: Washed with liquid soap and water, then wiped down with anti bacterial wipes and then sprayed with Lysol.